Gunston Hall campout

On December 12th the Boy Scouts went on a camp out to Gunston Hall. When we arrived we quickly set up our camping gear and made lunch. Once everyone was set up and there were a few requirements signed off by older scouts, it was time to head out for a Gunston hall tour, a short nature walk and to pick up some trash near the trail. The Gunston hall tour was really fun and we learned a lot about George Mason and his family. After the walk, the scouts prepared some dinner and started a few fires for staying warm and cooking food. After the meals we gathered around a fire for a court of honor where many people received lots of different merit badges and rank advancements. Before going to bed, the older scouts arranged a game of man hunt and the younger scouts joined in.
When we woke up, everyone took down their tents, started making breakfast and got packed up to leave. There was a small police line and then everyone left.