Camp Wilson Overnighter 7-8 November 2020

On 7/8th of November the boy scout troop headed out to camp Wilson for an overnight camp out. There was a 1 mile hike to the campground that was not too difficult with a backpack. When we arrived we set up tents and started to cook lunch. Once lunch was over, it was time to do learn the basics of orienteering taught to us by Mr. Meinert and Mr. Williams. After learning the basics we went to a small grass field to do a little navigation course. The course required splitting up into patrols and using a compass to find specific bearings, then we had to walk in that direction until we found an orange cone. On the orange cone there was a letter, each letter was part of a five letter word: S-C-O-U-T. Once we solved the word, we had a little quiz on orienteering basics, that included what some of the colors and symbols were on an orienteering map. After that we got ready for dinner. Some scouts helped prepare food while others started a fire. Then we told stories and skits by the campfire and went to bed.
In the morning, we started breakfast and then packed up our tents. Next, we went on a 5 mile hike. On this hike we had a map that showed the entire area around where we were hiking. Our assignment was to look at the map and then we stopped at specific locations and wrote them down on the map. When we got back it was finally time to leave. Overall the camp out was super fun and a great learning experience.