Sport Rock

On January 16 some of the scouts from the “Baked Potato” Patrol went to an indoor climbing gym for a lock-in. After they had arrived and received their shoes, the scouts had to go through a mandatory climbing and belaying course, which covered how to tie the knots for the climber to be secure on the rope, and also how to set up the belayer and how to belay. When everyone felt confident, the scouts were invited to climb and Boulder on anything they wanted, as long as they used a harness for climbing and they could Boulder safely. Shortly after the course, the pizza arrived and people started eating with a three person in each party room limit. At about 12:00 am the staff was shutting down the belaying walls so that all that was open was the boulders. At 1:00 am they shut down the boulders and everyone started getting ready for bed.