December 7th Aboard a Pearl Harbor Survivor

On December 7, 2019, Troop 128 attended the memorial of Pearl Harbor on the United States Coast Guard Cutter Roger B. Taney in Baltimore Harbor. The Troop drove up to spend the night, and they also got to see the memorial. After the memorial, troop members toured the other ships (USS Torsk, USS Constellation, USS Chesapeake) before they boarded the Taney for their overnight stay program. The program consisted of an exterior and interior tour, a battle stations drill, planespotting techniques, dinner, and a scavenger hunt before bed. The Troop also got a chance to do night watch, where they stayed up for an hour and patrolled the boat, looking for trouble. In the morning after breakfast, they got a history lesson on when the Taney was in Pearl Harbor and a tour of the Engine Room before flags. Overall, the Taney is an amazing experience for Scouts as they get to see what life was like on a cutter.