2019 Cavalcade

On Friday October 11, seven Scouts from Troop 128 departed Washington Dulles International Airport for Midland, Texas. When we arrived, we got in a van and drove to the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch in the Fort Davis Mountains to perform a two-day cavalcade in the mountains. When we arrived at the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch, it was dark so we went to the cabin and slept. The next day we got our horses saddled and ready to go, then hit the trail. We traveled on high mountain passes the whole day, which gave us even a better view. The stunning mountain beauty made the ride very enjoyable. We rode 14 miles and reached a cabin. There we cooked, rested, and slept. The next day we saddled the horses and set off, this time in the valleys. We stopped to see some ancient Indian drawings, ate, then set off. We returned at 6:00 pm back to the ranch and we took the saddles off, groomed the horses, then went and relaxed. The next day we packed all our gear and headed off. On our way we went to IHOP and had the best breakfast on a scout camp out ever, then we went to the airport and headed home. This was an amazing experience because we got to see true beauty, learn about horses, and have a great time. We had a ranch dog accompany us (his name was Huckleberry – Huck for short). I would recommend this camp out to anyone who has the chance to go.