Scouting and the Arts

On October 5, 2019, Troop 128 camped at McLean Central Park to provide security and help the artists prepare for the McLean Artfest on October 6. The McLean Artfest is always a very interesting and fun experience. Troop 128 is the only group allowed to sleep overnight in McLean Central Park because we are providing security for the Artfest site. We camp in the park overnight to help ensure someone is present to keep an eye on the tents over night. It doesn’t really feel like work because we end up just having fun. We arrive at 4 pm Saturday, set up our tents, and start cooking. While the cooks are preparing the meal, the other scouts can run about and play on the jungle gym, swing, play tag, and hang out in their tents. After cooking is finished, and everything is cleaned up, we play Manhunt. Manhunt at the park, where all the tents for the artists are set up, is always an enjoyable experience. We play two or three rounds, then we settle to bed. We wake up at 5 am, break camp, have doughnuts and hot chocolate, and move everything to the troop trailer. After that, we help the artists set up their artwork at the tents and help the companies who are cooking to move their stuff. We finish around 9 am, so the rest of the day is free. This year, 30 scouts from Troop 128 came, and approximately 15 cub scouts came. Overall, it is always a great campout.