Sport Rock

On the night of February 5 2022 we arrived at the Sport Rock Arlington climbing facility with almost all of the troop turning up for the occasion. Even some of the girls troop turned up to join in the fun.  With the 60 foot walls in front of us and many different routes to boulder on, all of us were extremely excited about the night to come. The merit badge instructors taught scouts to rappel with a 10 foot wall which all scouts overcame their fears on. Additionally the instructors taught us how to properly belay fellow scouts, so we can help others safely climb. While some scouts were adding to their merit badge collection other scouts were bouldering through the night, even as late as 2:00 am! Many scouts went on the 60 foot tall walls which offered a good challenge and a great view of the facility. Overall the trip was incredible and every single scout is impatiently waiting for the next rock climbing excursion.


Below are some pictures from the event.