T128’s Mounties

Scouts from Troop 128 completed a Horsemanship Campout on July 21-22! Seven Scouts (including one from Troop 505) camped over night at Lake Anna State Park on Friday night. The next morning, they went to Colchester Equines in nearby Mineral, VA where they completed the horse handling and mounted requirements for the Horsemanship Merit Badge. This included learning how to groom a horse, how to properly place and remove tack on a horse, mounting and dismounting safely, riding the horse in a straight line and in a circle at both a walk and a trot, and making the horse walk from a halt. After completing all of the mounted requirements, the Scouts went on a trail ride through the woods!  Six of the seven participating Scouts completed all of the knowledge and skills requirements to earn the Horsemanship Merit Badge.

By necessity (like the number of available horses, safety, etc.), space for a trip like this has to be limited.  The solution?  We will do it again in September!

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